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strip your ride
90 Seconds to Quality Media Blasting

Who We Are

Strip Your Ride Media Blasting and Restoration LLC is a media blasting and restoration company operating in Pheonix, Arizona. We provide our high-quality services to various clients in the valley with automobile, residential, and commercial needs.

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Services We Provide 

Paint Removal

Paint Removal

 We remove every trace of paint with ease and without damages for automobiles, residential clients, and commercial businesses. 

Media Blasting

Media Blasting

Our efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional sandblasting, which can be harmful to humans and surfaces.

Classic Car Repairs and Restorations

Classic Car Repair & Restorations

We have experience in body repair, refinishing, and other mechanical services to make the oldest vehicles look and feel younger. 

We Value Quality Work and Integrity

We aim toward building customer-loyalty while providing exceptional services that surpass expectations. Every job is carefully evaluated with the client's concerns in mind. 

Services That Leave You Satisfied

Media Blasting

"Hands down the only place I will go. Excellent service!!"

Jason Noel

"...Every item I have them pick up comes back completely stripped. Great customer service and communication which is very important to me."

Jabon Eagar

"This guy does incredible work for a fair price. Highly recommended!"

Scott Stewart 

strip your ride
Media Blasting

Strip Your Ride Media Blasting and Restoration LLC offers media blasting and restorations for automobiles and more in Phoenix, AZ area. Call us today! 

Strip Your Ride Media Blasting and Restoration LLC is a media blasting and restoration company operating in Pheonix, Arizona. We provide various clients in the valley with exceptional media blasting services for their automobile, residence, and/or commercial business needs. Our services include general media blasting, restorations, paint removal, and repairs.


We ensure every item is free of coatings, paint, rust, dirt, and other substances to give you a clean surface for the next application. Our specialization is in antique vehicles ranging from trucks to boats although we also can help with other residential and commercial projects. We encourage you to bring us your project for media blasting that leaves your item completely stripped. Our finish is primer ready with no chemicals or residue. We value every item that comes into our shop and makes sure our customers are satisfied with our work. 

What is media blasting

It is the process of using pressurized air to blast material out of a nozzle. The force of the material being blasted from the nozzle can strip paint, rust, dirt, rust, and other substances from an item. Other terms for media blasting is abrasive blasting or sandblasting. The end result of media blasting is an item being completely clean of contaminants and a textured surface is provided for powder coating to adhere easily. Each task performed with media blasting is unique, involving different surfaces, coatings, abrasives, and environments.


There's a variety of materials that can be used for media blasting such as:

  • Glass Beads

  • Walnut Shell Grit

  • Corn Cob Grit

  • Plastic Abrasive Grit 

  • Silicon Carbide

  • White Aluminum Oxide Grit and more. 

Is media blasting harmful? 

Media blasting can expose toxic particles into the air, depending on the abrasive, and it's important to wear a respirator along with other protective gear. The toxic particles could be arsenic, lead, and nickel. High dust levels of these metals can be dangerous to the respiratory system which can lead to breathing problems and higher risks of lung cancer. The process of media blasting has loud noise levels that can lead to hearing loss if the individual isn't wearing proper hearing protection. The velocity of the particle stream can cause particles to be embedded into the skin or eyes along with burns or cuts. There are many more factors that we take into consideration with every task, as we use quality equipment and hold ourselves up to a high standard of safety. 

What are some factors of the media blasting process that can affect the quality of the item?

An important factor is the type of abrasive being used in the media blast gun against the type of substance that is on the item. 
For a more smooth and bright finish, it would be ideal to use glass beads as it's less of a harsh abrasive. For a dull and matte finish, it would be ideal to use Silicon Carbide as it is suitable for more aggressive media blasting. Another important factor is the water pressure. The pressure, or PSI, of the media blasting can destroy original polish or make a surface more abrasive. Other factors include the angle of the media blasting, the size of the particles of the abrasive, the distance from the nozzle to the item, and more. We are knowledgable on many factors that can affect the end result and we ensure every item is thoroughly stripped but not damaged. We do this by using fine-grit recycled powdered glass as our abrasive. 

Can Strip Your Ride Blasting help with repairs and restorations on more modern vehicles? 

Yes. Our specialty is in classic cars, although we can find solutions for your modern vehicle. 

Will fine-grit recycled powdered glass warp metal on my item? 

Since we use a particle stream, there is reduced friction and heat being applied and this leads to no warping. 

Why should I hire a professional media blasting service?

It's wise to request services from an experienced company that is knowledgable in the industry in order to get jobs done correctly and safely. When you choose Strip Your Ride Blasting as your media blasting and restoration service, you are choosing a company that values safety, integrity, and quality workmanship. We provide you services that are cost-efficient, timely, and of high quality. Our skilled technicians are professional, friendly, and keep an open line of communication for any of your questions or concerns. 

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